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TeamWurtele This had to be done. :) Congrats on the win @bigsexymcdonald #mofarahrunningawayfromthings
TeamWurtele @auzzieluke @Reidy__ @brissietri2 @boomboomreed Haha, wasn't so much the chaffing, but even w/ 20k freezing cold it was VERY hot.
TeamWurtele That was a "sitting in the shower after" kind of ride effort today, but I loved it! @cervelo
TeamWurtele I am so awesome at scrabble!
TeamWurtele @pstriathlon What?! Now twitpic is banned? What kind of crap twitter app are you using. It shows the pics in our feed no problemo.
TeamWurtele @pstriathlon @jasonpedersen You referring to the Canadian on the cover b/c we feel no hate for Jason. This better?
TeamWurtele @jasonpedersen Leaves yesterday, but then shows up on our doorstep today.