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TeamWurtele @Elagerstrom Please share the suggested modifications. Heather had 'pushups in the sauna' as one suggestion.
TeamWurtele @MarkyV @saragross @RJoyce09 @IronmanTri Why does it have to take away spots? 30 min start difference. Crowding not the issue. Permits?
TeamWurtele @rhyspencer That assumes they take away 15 spots from ager race. Would they? Pro start is 30 minutes infront. Crowding not an issue.
TeamWurtele @EnduranceAgency That's different. People would be angry. In this case nobody is affected negatively.
TeamWurtele @EnduranceAgency @rappstar @IronmanTri Who cares? If guys feel ripped off by that I'd be surprised. This is Trev tweeting if that helps.
TeamWurtele .@saragross @rappstar @RJoyce09 @IronmanTri Is there really a negative to allowing 15 more females? Just do it, not bad for anyone.
TeamWurtele @michaellovato Nice work on the mic last weekend. Hope to see you doing more of that.