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TeamWurtele @Grillington Nice read Greg. Looking forward to seeing you again at my little training camp coming up in Poway soon! - H
TeamWurtele Parting gift options from the barber in Function Junction = a sucker or a condom! Guess which Trevor chose...
TeamWurtele Love meeting rad ppl. @robinvangyn was inspired by our Tri stuff, but she does this: Wow!
TeamWurtele A little @ironmancanada run course recon this evening. Nothing to complain about here. #whistler
TeamWurtele RT @KickerEndurance: 6'2" too tall to be FAST? Body myths busted w/ tips from #IM703 Champ Heather at @teamwurtele P…
TeamWurtele @jobeus @bslowley I know @rappstar is racing Calgary. Trev is racing IM Canada Whistler this weekend. Heather's next race is 70.3 worlds.
TeamWurtele Sunset at the top of Whistler peak with the great @triwhistler. Good stuff!!