The human condition is interesting. Someone I know likes to say sarcastically "oh yes, we are all unique little snowflakes" while emphasizing the ways in which we all respond similarly to, say, training stimuli.  I often feel more different from many of the women I encounter, than I do the similar to them, but one thing we can all relate to is the fun of anxiety dreams! 


We've all cared enough about something to have our sub-conscious' work overtime playing out worst-case scenarios for us.  I'm sure that we could find deeper meanings, but usually they seem to be a mish-mash of recent experiences, coupled with deep seated fears or memories, plus a smattering of the absurd for good measure. The brain is always trying to make connections!

I have vivid memories of a recurring calculus anxiety dream that I had in university where I forgot that I signed up for the course, missed the withdrawal deadline, and all of a sudden had to go to a midterm without attending any of the classes. I get lost in a Gothic outdoor campus, trying to find the building, and there is a set of stairs that only go up, when the classroom I need to get to is down (kind of like the old, weird stacks in UBC Main library), and when I finally sit down with the prof looking at me oddly, I don't have a pencil (and I MUST have a pencil).

My most recent anxiety dream (incidentally, I was cold and woke to get extra blankets) was of a triathlon where I was getting set up in transition and noticed that everyone else was racking cross-country skis, while I only had my running shoes. I remember thinking of how I was going to lose time on downhill bits, but that if the snow was compact enough, I could be okay going up hill. Flash forward to stepping of a school bus at the swim start (as dreams go), and the pro men who started before us were dodging floating ice. I was worried about Trevor getting hypothermic, and simultaneously stressing about finding a neoprene cap before the gun went. That was a new one!

A recurring triathlon dream that I have involves a T2 that is oddly set up inside a hotel. I get lost running through hallways with plush, beige, paisley carpet, and by the time I make way out onto the street, I've lost the lead and have no idea where I'm going. One variation has involved a locker room, but with the same general lost, and losing valuable time, while everyone else has the info, idea.

Before Ironman St. George in 2010 we parked the RV on a street downtown the night before the race. This seemed like a good plan - wake up, eat, walk to the shuttles... The nice flat spot we found seemed to be on the street to which they chose to divert all traffic, though, and it was a very sleepless night. Right before our alarms went off, I finally fell asleep and dreamed that I was hanging out with some volunteers at a table with pre-race food. We were visiting, and I inquired where the buses to get to the start were. They told me, oh, they've all left already. I'm afraid you've missed the start. I remember being really really disappointed (but not angry or frantic) and thinking "that's too bad, I was going to win the race".  Luckily we woke up on time, and I actually did win the race!

I asked Trevor if he remembers any of his dreams, and he remembers having them, but not the particulars. Probably because he is fast asleep and snoring, while I'm tossing and turning! 

Anyway - do the little "prove you're a person" spam prevention puzzle below and share your anxiety dreams! Running in slow mo? Getting lost? Running out of time?  Let's hear it!

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