• 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championships: My battle for 2nd place

    Whooo Hooo!!! Second in the WORLD baby! I’m really trying to tone up the stoke here and tone down the modest understatement that generally expect of myself – you know, as good Canadian – because, seriously, it’s a pretty big deal!

    You can call it bragging, or you can see it as truly letting myself celebrate all that went into this result, and all that I managed to overcome to get on that podium. You could say we all got smashed by Daniela. That she’s the winner, while we’re all losers. OR you can think that we bettered our former selves by toeing the line in a big, competitive race, where losing is a risk (thus, making whole endevour meaningful), so we all come away having won something valuable!

  • Challenge Dubai - Heather's Race Report

    I'm not sure why it took so long to post a blog about our most excellent race experience at Challenge Dubai. What am I talking about? I know exactly why. I was LAAAZY! I definitely go through stages when I only seem to have the energy to train hard, respond to important e-mails, maybe construct a tweet now and then but definitely not to write coherent sentences or go through the tedious process of organizing and uploading photos to Joomla.

    Anyway, here it is. Finally! I've debated catering to the lowest of attention spans with bullet points and photos, but there is just something in me that likes complete sentences. If reading just isn't your thing, there are still lots of photos.    

  • Challenge Iceland - A Refresher

    Ever since returning from Iceland on Monday, I've been feeling positively buoyant! It was one of those cool life experiences that leave you feeling lucky, grateful, and even causes you to randomly start smiling so that your husband inquires: "What are you giggling about over there?"  

    Perhaps he's asking this because it's a noticeable change to my overarching mood as of late. Now, I'm a pretty happy person in general to whom smiles and laughter come pretty easily, but before going to Challenge Iceland last Monday, I was feeling pretty depressed. Despite having the most successful race season of my career to date, events in the world haven't been that rosy lately, and when the view is further obscured by the fog of deep physical fatigue, things can start to look pretty bleak.  


  • Gaining Perspective

    I know that some of you have been pretty interested in race reports from both St. George, and Ironman Texas, but I have to say that writing them just didn’t appeal to me this time around. Who am I kidding? You all just wanted another funny video from Trevor! Don't deny it! Ha ha.  I like writing blogs to ruminate on the things I learn from the sport (and I do think that it’s more interesting and more valuable in the long term), so that’s what you’re going to get here.  There are also a lot of cool pictures, all thanks to a photo shoot with ENVE's Ian Matteson, so there’s that to pique your interest if nothing else!

  • Oceanside 70.3 - Racing and Excuses

    The 2015 edition of the California Ironman 70.3 in Oceanside went off this past Saturday. It was my second, second place finish in the two races I've done so far this year, and I was a bit pissed about it, frankly. I like winning. I train my guts out all year with that objective, and when I don't manage it, even if I've given my very best on the day, I get a bit grumpy.

    The grumpiness factor was increased by the fact that I caught a cold race-week, and was pissed that being sick prevented me from being my best. BUT, and here is where the title comes in, I did not mention that fact before or after the race (until now) because it's all part of the game. Winning depends on doing all the right things on the day, but also on getting to the start line healthy. The latter part I didn't manage. I only mention it now, because the topic of "excuses" is something I've been wanting to write about for awhile now. No doubt being sick affected my performance, but to claim that the results would have been different is not possible, nor fair. Worse, it disrespects my competitors.  

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