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Endurance Sports Camps

Come play endurance sports with us in the stunning surroundings of British Columbia's West Kootenays. We offer tailored endurance camps with a home base on Slocan Lake: one of the most pristine lakes in BC. 93% of Slocan lake's 80 km of shoreline remains unaltered by human presence, and it is bordered to the west by the stunning Valhalla Provincial Park.

In addition to incredible open-water swimming (late June through August), this part of the world offers world class mountain biking, gravel biking, road cycling, and all types of running from flat rail-trails to epic alpine single track. If kayaking, backpacking and camping are more your style you couldn't ask for a better home base.


Pick your sports, let us be your hosts and guides.

Daily activities can be highly tailored to your goals. The focus can be on challenging yourself to reach specific fitness objectives, or on simply getting out and adventuring in the incredible natural beauty of the west Kootenays.

Days out in nature. Evenings by the fire. Good wine. Good food. Hot tub with a view. 

Retreat to your own private cabin or RV for the night.

We spent 12 years as world class Professional Ironman Triathletes and want to take you on an adventure. Join us! 


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