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Do you have big goals in triathlon and feel like you need some guidance?

Our triathlon careers progressed from entry level triathletes to world class performers who had long, successful professional careers. We know what it takes to improve consistently year after year, and how to stay healthy, happy, and injury free.

Let our experience work for you.

Our coaching philosophy is to focus on a sustainable training routine that works around your daily life. We want the athletes we coach to work hard without worrying too much about the numbers and metrics that can overcomplicate the process of simply improving your endurance sport fitness and race results.

With this approach, we're not ignoring the science behind the training. We're showing you how to integrate those principles into a simplified, and vastly more enjoyable training process.

  • Maximum roster of 10 athletes between two coaches. With a small group you'll receive our full attention.

  • The key to good coaching is good communication, we will make ourselves available via phone, WhatsApp, email, or any preferred messaging service.

  • Heather and Trevor work together, but if you would prefer to have a male or female point of contact, no problem.

  • Private videos to demonstrate important technical aspects in all three sports.

  • XHale training log account included.

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